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A once in a lifetime opportunity to redefine the way we work and live

Want to maximise your impact in this post pandemic world? Check out our thoughts below on the importance of having brave conversations in 2022.

Many of us are questioning how we want our lives to look in a post COVID world and it is crucial that we courageously navigate a path through the old and the new as we emerge from lengthy lockdowns. The Great Resignation, or Great Reflection, or Great Reset is a global trend and, like a tidal wave, has the potential to bring with it lasting change. It is a unique opportunity to redefine how we work in a way that enables each person's best self to shine through.

The concept of a 9-5 or 7-7 static workplace emerged in the 20th century and has long since passed its used by date. While it is imperative that we continue to embrace and sustain our human 3D connections for our own personal health and well-being and those in our community. At the same time we now have the technology that enables leaders and organisations to make real change.

It is a time for people to brave the tough conversations. With their colleagues and within their organisations. It is a time for doing the hard work together to redesign the ways we work in a post pandemic world. Do we need to shoehorn everyone back into bricks and mortar buildings? Do we need people to dial into an endless series of Zoom meetings with no time and space to create quality work? These conversations will help us all let go of old ways of working. The goal is to create the agility and flexibility in the system to empower people to bring their best selves to their work. This is what will ignite the true power of diversity and inclusion in our work cultures across Australia.

Unsure about where to start with defining and creating the life you want for yourself? The team at Elevate with Grace are here to help with their fortnightly podcast conversations. Each episode dives into one of the pillars of the Elevate with Grace “Success on Your Own Terms” Model. Claire and Miranda curate insights from the best content and thought leaders across Australia and the world. They discuss how these ideas can be practically applied in current contexts. In each episode bite-sized actionable steps are provided to help you move yourself forwards from where you are to where you want to be.

In their most recent episode, Claire and Miranda explore the ins and outs of how to have courageous conversations. Tune in for some amazing intel on how to plan, prepare and have them. Each podcast episode provides timely ideas and bite sized actionable steps on how to make the best of the new post pandemic world for yourself and for those around you. Join Claire and Miranda in conversation where ever you get your favourite podcasts.

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