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Create a Virtuous Personal Success Cycle

The secret is to move the game forward a tiny bit each day for you first, before you say yes to everyone else. Unlock the limits you put on yourself. Create a big picture aspiration for your future self. Challenge yourself to take smart risks. Be bold in cultivating your career. And spend a little time fuelling your financial power.

The last 18 months of living with the impacts of Covid has hit so many of us right between the eyes with a tremendous amount of disruption, hardship and sense of loss for our life that was. There is one massive silver lining that can come out of our most challenging experiences, which is that they give us a sense of what is not working in our lives anymore that we need to take action on to change it up for the better for our future selves.

But c'mon, seriously? Who has time for that right now when we are spinning so many plates and trotting along so fast on the treadmill of life. We completely get it. And at the same time we are dead-set passionate about the fact that there is so much untapped talent and amazingness just busting to get out from underneath all of that day to day life stuff that we are buried under at the moment.

“You are a revolutionary. You have amazing ideas. You have the ability to create, to change, to solve, and to influence. Don't sell yourself short by not spending your time, energy and money on creating the best version of yourself.” - Lilly Singh.

The trick is committing to your future self that you will slot short bursts of time into your every day to dedicate to bite sized activities that will get you on the road to living a life of success that you've defined for yourself on your terms. The secret is to move the game forward a tiny bit each day for you first, before you say yes to everyone else.

A magical interconnectivity exists between taking smart risks; being bold with cultivating your career; and creating and sustaining financial independence. And when coupled with an awareness of what is holding you back and bravely dreaming big, the change you want to see for yourself in your world will happen.

Working step by step and week by week on the 5 elements of i) unlocking your limits; ii) knowing your big picture; iii) taking smart risks; iv) cultivating your career; and v) creating your financial freedom in a rotating combination will have you leading a life of success that you have designed for yourself, not a life that has been designed by others that you need to fit into, before you know it.

Join us every Thursday for our weekly Elevate with Grace podcast episodes where we will get you pumped up to take action on some bite sized steps that you can slot seamlessly into your life each week and propel you forward in reinvigorating your path to success as you define it for you. We curate and share the best of the best content out there on action-based ideas, insights and knowledge on the topics of smart risk taking, cultivating career success and creating financial freedom and break it all down into actionable steps that you can get cracking on straight away to living life on your terms.

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