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Where Has the Yellow Brick Road Gone?

Even if you had things in a pretty good place pre COVID lockdowns chances are your life has changed massively in the last two years. There is no longer a yellow brick road, we have reached the sign post and we have no idea which way to go next.

Most likely your world has turned upside down. Sure, things were out of control before 2020. You were working too many hours, trying to fit too much in, kind of making it work and feeling way too exhausted to think much further than your "to-do" list. Bring on the past two years and the world has changed. How we work & engage with family has changed, our weekend's and our social circles have changed. Career wise while some are peaking and others are flatlining but we all feel a little lost on what is next. Control wise... there are some extenuating limits we have never experienced before.

“Don't buy into the myth that you have to burn out in order to succeed. Women pay a higher price for our culture of stress and burnout and buying into it has terrible consequences on our health and happiness.” Ariana Huffington.

So even in you are ready to start thinking about your new reality, your energy is a little low. We hear you & we can relate.

Which is why we have crafted Elevate with Grace to deliver a curation of the best content, targeted weekly, on one of our five key pillars. No need to distil all of that content we give you the "so what" and offered bite sized actions so you could do a little something now, minimal energy required. This will help you start creating your new reality, without taking too much from your busy world.

It's time to change things up. Let's do it together, women supporting women in manageable pieces. Week by week you have the opportunity to make incremental changes. Elevate with Grace delivers our podcast content weekly on any podcast player and Instagram tips every few days to inspire and support you.

Our curated insights feature some of the best thought leaders. Our 5 Pillars seek to bring clarity on your big picture, dig into what is holding you back, smart risk taking, cultivating your career and thinking about finances.

We look forward to you joining us!

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